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The underlying causes of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are complex, including food and chemical sensitivities, hypoglycemia, and nutritional deficiencies. Nonetheless, ADD is responsive to a wide variety of natural therapies, making the dangerous over-prescription of Ritalin (for example) for children completely avoidable.

This is a super resource to considering a drug-free way to treat the root of this childhood epidemic.

Contents: Softcover book, 48 pages

Author Information:
Ronald L. Hoffman, MD, is the Medical Director of The Hoffman Centre in New York City. A graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, he is a diplomat of the American College of Advancement in Medicine and The American Academy of Environmental Medicine. He is the author of Lyme Disease, Natural Therapies for Mitral Valve Prolapse, The Diet-Type Weight Loss Program, Seven Weeks to a Settled Stomach, and Tired all the Time: How to Regain Your Lost Energy. He also hosts Health Talk, a nationally syndicated, daily radio program.

Table of Contents:

  • ADD/ADHD: An Illness or Label?
  • Drug Therapy: A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem
  • Why Children Have Problems
  • How to Help Your Child
  • Adult ADD
  • A Look to the Future
  • Resources
  • References



      The Natural Approach to Attention Deficit Disorder by Ronald L. Hoffman, MD

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